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Sweet & Spicy Honey Mustard

In Texas, we like our tea and our cornbread sweet… so why not our mustard? (We use only #1 select stone-ground mustard seed and blend it with special spices and honey to make it deliciously sweet.) Adds a sweet and tangy glaze to chicken and roasted ham and is perfect as a pretzel dip.
Sweet & Spicy Honey MustardSweet & Spicy Honey Mustard
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Sweet & Spicy Honey Mustard
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Sweet & Spicy Honey Mustard
Sweet & Spicy
I tried this Sweet & Spicy and it was good on hotdogs, sandwiches and hamburgers but not as good as the Dusseldorf Mustard in my opinion. Then on Thanksgiving we used it as a glaze on a store-bought ham. It was KILLER! The blend of sweet and heat was just awesome and really added to the taste. Some commercial hams are nearly flavorless anymore but the Sweet & Spicy Mustard, used as a glaze, really kicks up the taste.

I've also used it with great success in Deviled Eggs. Got a lot of compliments on it. It's a little sweeter than I prefer for a regular mustard (sandwiches etc) but used as an ingredient, glaze or dipping sauce it is very good.

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