Egg-straordinary Information

eggs 003 USEWhat’s the difference between store-bought and free range eggs? Mostly, it’s in the diet of the chicken who laid the eggs. The commercial chicken’s diet is controlled by its owner in the feed it eats; most commercial chickens have a very restricted, vegetarian diet. On the other hand, the free range chicken is allowed to roam and forage for its own food; and since chickens are actually omnivores, its diet will include insects and worms. Because of this, the free range chicken takes in more nutrients, which in turn makes more nutritious eggs. These eggs carry much more nutrients and vitamins than their store bought counterparts, as well as less cholesterol and saturated fat. You can even see the difference when you crack open an egg: Store bought eggs have pale yellow yolks with thin whites, while free range eggs have deep yellow-red yolks with thick whites.

On a similar note, what’s the difference between brown and white eggs? Nothing, actually. Different breeds of chicken simply lay different colored eggs, and the color of the shell bears no indication of the egg’s quality. Brown eggs tend to cost more at the store because the chickens that lay them are larger and more costly to feed than the chickens that lay white eggs.