How to Carve a Pumpkin!

fall photos 031Pumpkin Carving!!!

Step One

Pick out a pumpkin of your choice at the store. Remember to grab a pumpkin carving kit to have all the necessary tools that you will need. This is what we got:

fall photos 015Step Two

Trace your face using a permanent marker or use your cut out and poke holes in the design. We drew our face without a cut out.

fall photos 017Step 3

Grab your pumpkin and cut a circle around the stem. Save the cut out so you can put it back on when the pumpkin is done.

fall photos 018Step 4

Pull off the top and and clean out the meat and seeds.

fall photos 019Step 5

Once the seeds are out you can begin carving the face of your pumpkin

fall photos 020Step Six

Use tool for any small designs that need precision.

fall photos 023Step Seven

Put in a candle, put the cut out stem back in and enjoy!

fall photos 032

fall photos 026