Saying hello and saying goodbye

Saying hello and saying goodbye

We have two new Barbados lambs born this week… and we took our 6 calves to market yesterday so it was goodbye to some ranch babies and hello to the newborn lambs who join our 2 Blackbuck antelope babies. It looked like this over the weekend but the weather has turned WINTERY again so instead […]

Cold and Rainy

Cold and Rainy

Wow! It has been raining steadily all day long and is COLD here at Fredericksburg Farms today. All of us  have stayed bundled up as we have gone about our business and we are keeping the newly planted geraniums warm in our greenhouses.

Valentine Photoshoot

Valentine Photoshoot

We have been taking photos for Valentines Day promotion.  We cooked up these yummy scones using our Fredericksburg Farms Sopapilla Mix and even made strawberry butter in heart shaped molds.  Then we made banana bread. The best part of the experience was eating our creations!

Venison Sausage: Hill Country Traditi...

Venison Sausage: Hill Country Tradition

Written by: Jake Martin At Fredericksburg Farms we take a lot of pride in traditional values that make up the fabric of our community. Thanks to the abundance of white-tail deer and the ritual of hunting in the Texas Hill Country, we had a bountiful harvest this season. After filleting the back-strap and tenderloin from […]

Celebrating Family

David Mills: Nursery Manager

Written by: Rachel Karp What is family? There really is no right definition; no correct formula. Family is nothing but a theory practiced universally and implemented differently for each unit. It has no prescription and requirements or expectations, and that is what makes it beautiful, treasured, envied and desired by everyone. And then, we find […]

Tackling the New Year


Written by: Rachel Karp Two days: That’s all the time it takes for us to realize that 2013 is now history. The New Year looms before us full of possibilities and goals and ambition. We, each in our own way, feel the change in time and set resolutions for ourselves. Striving to become better people, […]

Spreading Love and Joy


Spreading joy this holiday season is a tradition for Fredericksburg Farms. We love our town, and we love even more those who call this little speck of Texan heaven home. A few of us have been born and raised in this little town and appreciate all the love that has gone into developing Fredericksburg as […]

In The Spirit

In The Spirit

Like most other Holidays, Halloween is excitedly celebrated here at the farm. We’ve decorated our offices, stuffed plastic pumpkins to overflowing with candy, and have even donned the universally accepted colors of black and orange. Even this morning, to celebrate the festivities of the day, we mimicked Zombies at the morning meeting. The season’s fun […]

It’s beginning to look a lot li...

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Well, it may be only Halloween, but the nursery is having a blast tending to our beautifully blooming crop of Poinsettias. It seems to be looking a lot like Christmas in the green houses! Vibrant red appears to be the preferred color of choice, and the gorgeous plants are proud to show off. They are […]

23rd Annual Wine & Food Fest

Country Goodness, Gourmet Taste

Hi there! My name is Rachel and I have been working with Fredericksburg Farms for almost a year now. I just have to say that I am loving working with this company so far, not only because of the products that we produce and the people that represent us, but because we go out and […]