It's A Team Effort

Freddy Farmer team

There is a real community here at the farm. Someone started a Fitbit craze here and now we compete each week to see who can get more steps. Everyone has their specialty that moves the Farms business forward. Some make or grow the products in the various buildings on site. Others work with the long list of gift shops and stores that sell Fredericksburg Farms products mostly all over Texas and now starting to spread around the country. Some answer the phone, some keep the books, inventory, do shipping, you name it.

A few of us work on the website. I'm actually a high school teacher who teaches web design, digital art, and video. I take pictures of products, do some writing and I made a short video with my drone for the front page of this new website. I want to make more videos. What would you like to see? Products being made? Recipes being cooked? The beehives? The greenhouses? Leave a comment below and send your idea. Meanwhile here is my short video of where we work. (It was a weekend and not many people were around.)

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