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Fredericksburg Farms Texas Luau Wings Chicken Wings

We're big fans of the Big Green Egg and chicken wings around here.  We decided to "grill outside the box" and try our Jalapineappleno Jelly & Glaze with chicken wings on the Big Green Egg.  We dusted the chicken wings in our Hen Scratch Poultry Rub... and the result was finger-lickin' good!

Here's our full recipe, courtesy of our Big Green Egg master, Houston Haley:

3-4 lbs chicken wings, tips removed and cut into drumettes and flats

1 package Fredericksburg Farms Hen Scratch Poultry Rub

1 jar Fredericksburg Farms Jalapineappleno Jelly and Glaze

Fresh chopped cilantro and lime wedges for garnish


Prepare the wings by applying a liberal dusting of Fredericksburg Farms Hen Scratch poultry seasoning.  Place the wings skin side up on a preheated 325-degree grill.  Cook for approximately 45 mins monitoring for flare-ups on the grill and moving the wings around to ensure even cooking.  After 45 minutes, flip the wings and cook skin side down for 15 minutes.  Remove the wings from the grill and place in a large mixing bowl for saucing.  While the wings are still hot, pour the Jalapineappleno glaze over the wings to coat.  Toss the wings in the bowl until all wings have come in contact with some of the glaze.  Place the wings on a serving platter and garnish with the freshly chopped cilantro and lime juice.

Fredericksburg Farms Texas Luau Chicken Wings Big Green Egg

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