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Freddy Farmer

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Howdy there, Friends of the Farm! Spring has sprung here in central Texas: the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the air is fresh... and that means it's time for some good old fashioned spring cleaning.

For us, spring cleaning always starts outside. We've been focusing our attention out in the garden most days planting some trees and vegetables, or out in the greenhouses with the geraniums and Easter lilies. Some of you might remember those cute little succulent bowls we had for our local customers a few weeks ago!

Picture of garden rows

Of course, we did wander our way inside eventually. We found some cool old stuff in the back of the barn I never would have otherwise known exists. Have y'all ever found buried treasure in a closet before? There's something really satisfying about getting a nice healthy serving of nostalgia as a reward for cleaning up.

This old canteen has a manufacture date stamp from 1918! It's nice to see everyday items over a hundred years old still in good, usable condition at a time like this, when we could all use the reminder that mankind has endured difficult situations like the COVID-19 outbreak before and come out stronger on the other side.

picture of canteen

Now going through the warehouse was not nearly as exciting because we keep things pretty tidy, but we did make a few interesting discoveries!

Group photo of assorted items on sale

As many of you already know, Fredericksburg Farms has a fundraising side! To incentivize kiddos who did a really great job raising money for their schools & extracurriculars, we bought a bunch of prizes that we thought might appeal to 6-16 year olds.

Of course, the school cancellations meant that a lot of our fundraisers were cancelled before the kids even had a chance to get started. We'll still be doing fundraisers next year, but warehouse space is valuable real estate and we want to clear some of this stuff out!

We're not even trying to turn a profit on it, we just want it gone. If you've got kids or grandkids who could use some incentivizing, have we ever got a bargain for you! Just don't limit yourself- this stuff could make great party favors, stocking stuffers, travel toys, or gag gifts for the not-too-serious adults in your life.

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