Spring has Sprung with our New Antiseptic Hand Rub!

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Introducing Our New Antiseptic Hand Rub

We are very excited to announce our latest product, an antiseptic hand rub in our classic Rosemary Mint fragrance! Formulated with 80% isopropyl alcohol, rosemary & peppermint essential oils, and Aloe Vera gel for the nourishing effectiveness you expect from our products. Click here to order, or keep reading if you want the whole saga of how it came to be.
Pamper yourself with our scrub & rub combo
Our founder, Steve McAnally, had the idea to make a hand sanitizer back in late February when he was reading about the outbreak in Hubei province. We've been manufacturing personal hygiene products like soap for years, so we thought it would be an easy, breezy, simple addition to our product line.
Boy were we ever wrong!
Turns out, the FDA has some very strict rules about what you can call a "hand sanitizer". Under their new rule, the only 4 ingredients a hand sanitizer can contain are alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, and water. This was a problem for us for two reasons. First, everybody and their dog is making this exact same product right now. We've never been afraid of some healthy competition, but we pride ourselves on just plain making a better product, and how are we going to do that when we're using the same recipe? The second problem is that this one recipe is very drying to your hands, especially when you're using it every day. We wanted to make a product that would give something back to your hands, not just take away.
So if you're wondering why we chose the name "antiseptic hand rub", that's why. It's the same active ingredient (80% isopropyl alcohol) that you're used to seeing in big brand hand sanitizers, but we put a little love in it too.



But the Beatles weren't right about everything. Turns out love is not all you need to make an effective and moisturizing antiseptic hand rub. In our case, we also use Aloe Vera gel.

You know what's almost as hard to find as toilet paper? Aloe Vera gel. It's also tough to find isopropyl alcohol. The prices on all of it have tripled since we first looked.

The other problem is the bottles. We like to plan ahead, and so we have a supply of ten thousand plastic pump bottles. In a normal year, that would more than hold us over until our next order.

Problem number one: our next order of bottles won't be here until mid-June.

Problem number two: we can only allocate five thousand of those bottles to the antiseptic hand rub, or we're going to run out of our other products.

Five thousand seems like a lot, but we've never made an antiseptic hand rub before, so I'm going to let you in on a little secret: we have no idea how well this stuff is going to sell. Maybe five thousand is more than enough, and we can start releasing this product to our wholesale partners.

Maybe the web orders are really crazy and we run out of inventory next week. We honestly don't know. This isn't a pressure sales tactic, we just want to be really honest with our customers and let you know that if you don't order now, the next batch won't be ready until late June at the earliest. That's not us, that's just the times.

But, when it's all said and done, we're pretty proud of ourselves. Six weeks from conception to release ain't a half bad schedule, especially when you consider how many new things we've had to learn. We're used to the FDA's regulations around food, but it turns out that Over-the-Counter Drugs (which, yes, our antiseptic hand rub qualifies as) have their own special set of very specific rules. We even have a nifty little drug fact panel on the label!

I offered to put a shout-out here to the fantastic folks in production & shipping, and a few of them even took me up on it. When you use and love our product, you can say thanks to: Tina, David, Piper, Sonia, Royce, Peyton, Jordan, Rhonda, Clay, and Paul. They're the ones that make the magic happen!

We're very proud of our people, and we're also very proud of our product. A little word of warning: our pumps were designed for thick gels, like soap and lotion, so the liquid hand rub comes squirting out of there a little fast. You might get some on your shirt the first time you use it- I did! Other than that, it's darn near perfect. Smells good, leaves your hands soft, and most importantly it WORKS.

That's probably more than you ever wanted to know about all of this, but thank you for reading all the way to the bottom. We enjoy making stories out here on the farm, and we hope you enjoy reading them!

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