Be sure to keep a jar of Sweet Hot Jalapeños tucked away in the pantry. We’ve taken those tasty, fiery Hill Country jalapeños and tamed their flame a bit, leaving a little heat with a bit of sweet. When friends drop by, or an impromptu neighborhood gathering happens at your house, pour those sweet ‘n zesty little peppers over a block of cream cheese, add a spreader knife and some good wheat crackers, and you really do have an instant party. And with so little effort too!


1 (8-ounce) pkg. cream cheese
1 jar Fredericksburg Farms Sweet Hot Jalapeños
Stone Wheat crackers


Place the block of cream cheese on a small serving platter with a small lip. Pour the Sweet Hot Jalapeños over the cheese. Garnish as desired. Place the crackers in a napkin-lined basket adjacent to the platter.