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Fredericksburg Farms - A Different Way to do Business

Hutch Partnership Program

Fredericksburg Farms produces a diverse line of products that are made in Texas from all-natural ingredients.  Texans love to "eat local." 

Fredericksburg Farms is a well-established brand that is recognized by retail customers.

Our products are NOT sold to traditional grocery chains- we are represented in specialty food stores such as Central Market and Whole Foods.

The product line is supported by an aggressive sampling program, and a user-friendly website with an extensive recipe database, recipe cards available to merchants.

We offer a huge variety of products – sauces and glazes, salsas, condiments, jellies and preserves, dip mixes, hot sauces, chili mixes, bread mixes, syrups and mustards, and are continuously expanding our product lines and packaging options. Our items are great for gift baskets and sampler packs. Most importantly- we provide quality food products that taste GREAT!

Find out how you can become a Hutch Partner today! Call us at (830) 997-0960 or fill out the wholesale inquiry form below.

Fredericksburg Candles

Why Should I Buy Fredericksburg Candle Co. Candles?

Customers have fallen in love with our line of candles – Fredericksburg Candle Co. Why are they so popular? There are several reasons. Our candles are soy blend for a smokeless, long burn. The 8 oz. candles burn for up to 55 hours, and the 16 oz. candles burn for up to 100 hours. They are hand poured and highly scented. The attractive glass jars feature tight-fitting lids which preserve the wonderful fragrances between use. We have now released 30 delightful fragrances for your customers to select the perfect candle for every room in their house. (You may view the candles on our candle pages.)

Become a Fredericksburg Farms Affiliate and earn 5% on each purchase!

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For more information on our entire line call us at 1-830-997-0960.  You can also fill out the form below.  We'll be in touch soon!