Spring Garden

Garden Blog 005-editedDo you have a childhood memory of walking behind your dad or grandfather as they tilled the garden? Do you remember the feel of cool, soft earth between your bare toes? A lot of people haven’t had that experience but it’s never too late to create one. By that I mean gardens and memories. What a wonderful experience for yourself and your family.

Garden Blog 001-editedAfter preparing the soil and planting seeds and seedlings, the cool weather veggies are lookin’ pretty good! Lettuce and shallots are being harvested, soon the potatoes and beets will be ready to dig up. Summer crops, corn and tomatoes, are always favorites with our family and we are looking forward to 30 more varieties to plant this week. The giant sunflowers will make their usual appearance at the county fair in August.

The garden might take a lot of sweat equity but the rewards are well worth it! There’s nothing like kickin’ back with a “cold one” and admiring your handy work. We plant the seeds but God makes them grow. I hope you make some garden memories with your family!

Garden Blog 003-edited