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Chili is an institution in Texas.  Why, Chili was created in Texas! Most culinary historians agree that a group of Canary Islanders settled in the area that is now San Antonio around 1731. They made a type of stew to which they added native hot chiles. Over the decades the dish evolved and came to be known outside of Texas. At Fredericksburg Farms we’ve made chili easy and fool-proof.  Our chili mixes capture the flavor heritage of those generations of chili cooks in one little box. Just add meat and in no time you’ve got yourself one fine bowl ‘o red.

F1793.jpg Texas Trail Drive Chili Mix Texas Trail Drive Chili Mix
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Chili lovers all over the world consider our Texas Traildrive Chili Mix to be just plain awesome. It’s a complex blend of spices and herbs with just the right amount of heat to make it worthy of being called chili!
F1794.jpg Chili Verde Mix Chili Verde Mix
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We created this tasty recipe for the non-beef eaters out there who want a good bowl of chili. Just saute up some chicken (we love to use boneless thigh meat) or turkey, add some onions and chicken stock to our secret blend of herbs and spices, and cook it for an hour. Delicious!
F1795.jpg Venison Chili MIx Venison Chili MIx
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If you’re a hunter, or lucky enough to have hunter friends who share their surplus venison, you’ll love our Venison Chili Mix. Our secret blend of spices and herbs was developed to be the perfect taste match to game meats – and with just the right amount of spice to liven up those evenings around the campfire, or the family table!

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