Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us via EMAIL, or call us at 830-997-0960


No carrier actually delivers for free. Either a company is huge and can absorb shipping or they build it into the price of the product or they charge shipping. We pay shipping by box size, weight, and destination. The average order costs $9.95 to ship, so that is what we charge. The more products you order, the better your order as shipping is a set fee. (except gift baskets and boxes, they have a separate actual UPS Ground shipping charge) We are a small company now, but when we become huge we will revisit shipping. Check our locations page to see if we are in a nearby store. That is the best way to get free shipping.

If your order has not shipped out, we can update the shipping address free of charge. Please call us immediately at 830-997-0960 if you need it changed during business hours, or send an email to info (at) after business hours. After your order has shipped, you can use the tracking number to inquire about your re-route options with UPS via their website or customer service line. 


Fredericksburg Farms products are found in local gift shops mostly in Texas, but we are expanding. We now have locations in LA, AL, FL, GA, and MI. The locations HERE are stores that carry a lot of our products or are in the large metro areas and locations along the freeways. Small town or large town, we urge you to support your local businesses. If you don't have or find a local source below, or you do not live near a store, you can always order right here online.

We do not own a store, but rather sell our products in many stores in Fredericksburg. When you click on our LOCATIONS page, enter the zip code 78624 for stores in Fredericksburg.