Experience the essence of a Fredericksburg getaway with our exquisite Candle and Fragrance line. Immerse yourself in the gentle aroma of Hill Country's iconic bluebonnets that grace the roadside, or indulge in the delightful scent of sun-kissed peaches freshly plucked from a local fruit stand during the early days of summer. Transport yourself to the realm of local craftsmanship with the rustic, masculine fragrance of leather goods expertly fashioned by artisans in the area.

Discover the heartwarming allure of cinnamon, evoking cherished memories of playful days spent at your Oma's house, or relish in the captivating bouquet of freshly-cut evergreens that permeates the air during a festive Christmas visit to Fredericksburg. Our hand-poured candles, crafted with care from a soy-blend and infused with rich fragrances, offer an exceptional experience for your senses. For those seeking a flame-less option, our wax melts feature the same beloved scents found in our candles.

Enhance your journey with our range of air fresheners and fragrance tins, perfect for infusing your car with captivating fragrances. All our candles and fragrance products are meticulously made right here on our farm, embracing the true spirit of Texas craftsmanship and authenticity. We proudly present Fredericksburg Farms Candle and Fragrance line—where the essence of Texas comes to life, what we call, Texas Real.

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