Menu in a restaurant

The restaurant business model has changed dramatically in the last decade.  The old model centered around the idea of customers coming in for a bite to eat, paying their tab, and being on their way.  Nowadays many restaurants have pivoted to turning their waiting areas into profit centers by offering items for sale that fit the theme of the restaurant or celebrate local, artisan items. 

Fredericksburg Farms Products

One of the easiest ways to capitalize on this trend is by using Fredericksburg Farms Hand Soap in your restrooms.  We offer the soap in a 32oz containers (affectionately known as Big Soap) perfectly suited for use in a public restroom. Customers use our soap and immediately fall in love with the scent and feel.  When they return their tables, and ask “Where can I get that soap?!” it will make them so happy to find out that it can simply be added to their order when they are ready to pay!

Many fine restaurants including Cabernet Grill (Named one of the Top 100 Wine Restaurants in America by Wine Magazine in 2019) have increased their offerings of our products in their restaurant gift areas with great results!  Take it from the man himself, our dear friend and incredible local talent Chef Ross Burtwell:

“We are proud to feature Fredericksburg Farms products in both our restaurant and lodging. Two things we are known for as one of Texas top tier restaurants and Fredericksburg’s premier lodging facility is our steadfast commitment to providing both quality and uniqueness in every part of the guest experience we offer.  Fredericksburg Farms shares our values, and that is why we are excited to partner with them on amenities for our guest rooms as well as unique items from our gift shop that delight and surprise our patrons”

Contact us today to see how you can start turning your waiting area into a profit center or featuring one of our gourmet food products on your menu.