To Bee or Not To Bee

Steve BeesMeanwhile on the farm, We have come to realize on of our bee colonies has become africanized!! This is alarming for several reasons. Once this happens to a colony, the bees become extremely aggressive. This consequently increases the difficulty of obtaining apiary sites. An agitated Africanized colony can release around 50% of the hives bees in about 15 seconds. These ill tempered little guys can be annoyed by things like odor, vibrations and movement. Once a colony of Africanized bees has been provoked they will take out their aggression on humans and animals up to half a mile from the hive for an astounding 24 hours. The ultimate consequence of Africanized bee colonies is the decline in honey crops and population due to high swarming rates.

A quick fix of switching out queens is just what the doctor ordered! This will take some time but our new queen has been ordered and order she shall have with her new colony.