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Fredericksburg Farms

New Candle design

June is here, and at Fredericksburg Farms we are all scrambling to get our newly designed candle collection manufactured using new sassy and sleek modern style candle glass. Supply chain issues and inconsistent glass quality caused us to search for and find a new American made supplier for our candle glass. While we were changing the glass, we took the opportunity to tweak our soy wax formulation with the addition of coconut oil, and we got great results. The combination of the cylindrical shape of the new glass jars and the improved wax formulation makes for candles that burn cleaner and have a great fragrance throw both hot and cold (meaning the strength of the candle scent you smell when you just take the lid off the jar and the scent when the candle is burning and the fragrance is diffused in the room.) We were all excited by these new improvements and our entire team of manufacturing, sales, web design, marketing, warehousing, and shipping is working tirelessly to get these new candles in the hands of our loyal customers. Coming very soon to a store near you!

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