Clean Slate…Everything is Possible

Fredericksburg Farms

Coffee Cup sitting on a calendar, a candle burning in the background

I just got my new calendar planner in last week. You know the kind with a cool cover and an elastic strap that can hold it all together when I fill it full of dentist and doctor appointment cards, birthday invitations, and a stray shopping list or two. When I opened it up on New Years Day as I sat with my coffee waiting for the Tournament of Roses Parade to begin, I realized that it was full of blank pages with nothing written on them yet, no to do lists that have never been finished, no exercise times scheduled at the gym…NOTHING at all! A COMPLETE BLANK SLATE that I get to choose what I want to do with my life each day. We often forget that not only is each year like that but each day is like that as well. We get a “do over” every morning Each day can be Day 1 of the rest of our lives. Everything is possible.

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