Fall is here...FINALLY!

Fredericksburg Farms

Fall, such a short word for such a wonderful season of the year. When we get to “FALL” it means we have survived yet another summer. For those of us in central Texas it was another hot one, and I for one am so glad to wake up to cooler temperatures. Our dogs, both part-Lab rescues, are even more happy about the cooler weather, they practically hook up their leashes for us to take a morning stroll around the ranch. One may ask, why leashes to walk on a large fenced acreage? The answer is in the form of a striped black and white critter that our dogs never tire of chasing. When I get a whiff of what my mamaw called “Polecat Perfume” I tighten my grip on those leashes. Washing “skunk” off a wriggling, smelly, uncooperative dog is not my preferred way to start the morning. I much prefer a hot cup of coffee on the porch. IT’S FALL Y’ALL…ENJOY!

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