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How many are coming for dinner? Are you kidding? Don’t you just love it when last minute unannounced guests arrive and you are already in the throes of cooking.? Things like that used to make me crazy but I decided to take a page from my grandmama’s book of life’s lessons. She could entertain 2 people to 20 and would make it seem effortless and every person that entered her house felt welcome. She said that it takes very little effort to make people feel welcome and you can always give guests tasks to do. It will make them feel accepted and part of the group. It is easy to make certain dishes that are meal stretchers to feed extra guests; make more rice, mashed potatoes, double the gravy recipe, chop up fresh fruit, add canned fruit and serve with a yogurt dressing. Here are some of our quick and easy recipe ideas.

Fancy up your plain sugar cookies by pressing a spoon or thumb into the center of each cookie before baking and fill with a teaspoon of Fredericksburg Farms preserves. Voila…jam thumbprint cookies! Spice up your traditional cranberry sauce by adding 1 or ½ bottle of Fredericksburg Farms Raspberry Peach Chipotle Grilling Glaze to plain whole cranberry sauce. Make an easy appetizer: Put a log of goat cheese on a plate and drizzle Fredericksburg Farms Apricot Ginger Preserves over the top and serve with your favorite cracker. Mmmmm! Bring on the turkey…I mean the 3 turkeys. Happy Thanksgiving y’all from our family to yours!

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