Is it Spring now?

Fredericksburg Farms

Farmers Almanac and peaches

What a difference a week can make! Last week the pastures hereabouts were brown and dead looking and this week a light green hue is evident. In our garden here at Fredericksburg Farms the fruit trees have buds and a few blossoms. We can hope that a late season freeze doesn’t get them and at the same time we hope that we got enough “chill hours” for the peach trees that are a big part of Fredericksburg economy. Who doesn’t look forward to taking a juicy bite of a Fredericksburg peach? Our family’s roots lie in farming and ranching. My husband and I came to rural living and ranching later in life but our grandparents and great grandparents knew from childhood exactly what the vagaries of weather meant to their livelihoods. They planted crops and raised cattle with little more to go on than the trusty Farmer’s Almanac, hope, and a lot of prayer. Still not a bad idea when approaching a new season, whether a growing season or a season of life. Hope, prayer, and maybe even a look at the trusty Farmer’s Almanac. I like that!

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