It's Cold Outside!

Fredericksburg Farms


It was 77 degrees Sunday afternoon when we attended our 2-year-old granddaughter’s backyard birthday party in San Antonio. By the time we passed through Sisterdale on our way back home, the temp had dropped to 51 and it hasn’t been warm since. Here at Fredericksburg Farms, we worked on Monday on what was just another cold day until some freezing stuff began to fall from the sky. Tuesday morning saw our roads and walks turned into ice rinks and all employees were called and told to stay home as we cancelled work…so no candles being poured, no freshies, soaps, or lotions being made, and no orders packed or shipped. Today is a repeat as there is more icy stuff falling and more ice accumulation. In the country where we live and work, if power is lost, we also lose water as the wells have electric pumps. No power also means no flushing toilets; so, we prepare ahead, filling bathtubs and locating buckets to pour water into a toilet to flush it. As we look outside from a warm house with electricity, we are ever grateful for those Co-op employees working in the freezing cold to make sure the lights stay on….and the toilets flush! Thank you, you are our heroes.

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