Pinewood Derby

Fredericksburg Farms

Pinewood Derby SCouts

Fast cars with swoopy designs and bright shiny colors…all raced down the special track by the kids that built them. We spent Saturday morning at the “Pinewood Derby” sponsored by our grandsons’ Cub Scout pack. We watched hopeful racers place their cars on the track behind the starting block with eager faces. Once the starting board dropped, gravity ruled the day. Which car would have just exactly the right combination of weight, body design and aerodynamics to cross the finish line first? Much effort went into making the day a success and a little luck didn’t hurt either. I was reminded of similarities in the lessons of life and business as well…plan your project, shape it and fine tune it, face your challenges with hope and optimism, and hang on to any luck that comes your way. Most of all, enjoy the moments.

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