Planting a Garden

Fredericksburg Farms

Gardens are in! Everyone seems to have a garden these days. Some are full gardens using a tiller and soaker hoses and some are planter boxes and tubs filled with bags of raised bed mix. Here at Fredericksburg Farms, we have a large garden and also some raised beds in tubs. There are lots of vegetables growing. At home I just planted a raised garden in a 150 gallon stock tank I bought at Tractor Supply. We filled the bottom with old dead tree limbs and the top with raised bed mix from a big box store. One of the items planted was okra. I love okra. When I was a kid in the Texas Panhandle, my grandfather took me bird hunting near the community of Dozier where he grew up. His sister and brother-in-law lived out in the country there and we would eat lunch with them. His sister was known to us as Aunt Tex. She would make a huge bowl of fried okra that was just the best thing ever. She would be in the kitchen cooking away just talking to herself. That was over 50 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. What are you going to cook today? Leave us a story in the comment section.

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