School’s out! Summer’s here!

Fredericksburg Farms

School’s out! Summer’s here! What do you have planned for summer time fun? We always enjoy our garden. Our garden here at Fredericksburg Farms has suffered due to dry weather and some sort of die off of newly planted vegetable plants. I suspect some kind of soil pathogen left over from last year is the culprit. Our peach crop looks rather promising if we can keep birds and squirrels away as the peaches ripen. (Better start finding and washing the canning jars.)  However, the pear trees look yellow so I researched a bit and have decided that the alkaline soil has caused an iron deficiency. Now off we will go to buy some chelated iron…maybe at Tractor Supply…their sign says “Chicks are Here” …guaranteed fun for grands, the baby chicks, that is. Gardening keeps us all humble because just when you think you have a handle on it, mother nature throws a curve. Luckily the grandkids’ strawberries are ripening so they can be readily picked and eaten…gotta’ love those red stained lips and sticky fingers. Maybe it is not all about the end result but rather finding joy in the process.

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