Some reflections as Father’s Day approaches…

Fredericksburg Farms

My own dad, step-dad, father-in-law. and grandfathers are no longer walking this earth but their contributions to what I am today are many.

My paternal grandfather “Papaw” was a true-life cowboy, a quiet man with twinkling blue eyes and a ready smile, from him I learned gentleness and kindness. My other grandfather was “Granddaddy” and he was bigger than life at 6’3 at least; he brought fun and a sense of humor into my childhood…stopping at a roadside park to run around the car and bark, so much more fun that just “stretching your legs.”

My Daddy, well, he could fix just about anything and was awesome at inventing things, like an elevator for his garage.  From him I have learned to do so many things on my own and to have the confidence to try. I was also blessed to have a “Daddy Bob” who loved us without reserve and was a wonderful grandad to my 3 kids.

Lonnie, my sweet father-in-law, was ever willing to help out with anything, I remember the two of us trimming out all of the windows and doors at our lake house, and we did a great job!

Nowadays, on Father’s Day, I watch with pride as my husband gets those cards that make you cry from our kids and the special handmade “creations” from our grands. I see my son and son in law as dads now. They are doing a great job, and the cycle continues…Happy Father’s Day!

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