Vacations and Family Memories

Fredericksburg Farms

When I was growing up, we took a vacation almost every year to the same little town in Colorado, Lake City. My grandparents discovered this place on a great adventure they took in 1927. My grandmother described that they left the Texas Panhandle and drove to Denver. The road was two ruts and from time to time they would have to stop and let down the fence, drive through and then put the fence back up. It was not the modern freeways of today. In Denver they stayed in a travel court which was a tent on a wooden platform, which sounds like what I had at scout camp as a kid. They made their way down to southwest Colorado and Lake City. They liked it so much that later, after they had kids, they brought them there on vacation. Then when my parents had us, they took us there on vacation. We would fish for trout, ride horses and take a Jeep trip in my dad's 1948 Willys Jeep. Then, when my wife and I had kids, we took them there. I always look forward to being there because it reminds me of good times spent with relatives who have passed on and all the great memories we created there. The foods that were cooked on vacation also bring back memories. Fried trout, fried okra, fried pies... We did eat a lot of fried stuff! As we get back out this year, Whether you travel near or far this summer, I hope you take time to create some great memories.

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