When you’re on a tight budget, but you want to invite the friends and family to the house for a barbecue, think chicken leg quarters. They’re really inexpensive and pound-for-pound pack a wallop of flavor. Can’t go wrong when you fire up the smoker, season up a bunch of leg quarters and cook ‘em nice and slow just till they’re done. Add a little homemade coleslaw, some baked beans, deviled eggs, and some brownies, and you’ve got yourself one delicious, but really well-priced barbecue.


Serves 8-10.

15 chicken leg quarter portions
1 package Fredericksburg Farms Chuck Wagon Steak Seasoning
Olive oil
Fredericksburg Farms Texas Firepit Bar-B-Q Sauce


Build a hardwood charcoal fire in the smoker or barbecue pit and let it cook down to the point where the coals are glowing red and covered with a layer of white ash. Should be a good bit smoke built up too. Pat the leg quarters dry with absorbent paper towels. Combine the Chuck Wagon Steak Seasoning with just enough olive oil to make a spreadable paste. Slather the seasoning paste all over the leg quarters. Smoke the quarters until done, but still nice and juicy, about 1-1½ hours. Fifteen minutes before the chicken is done, move it to the fringes of the fire and baste all over with the Texas Firepit Bar-B-Q Sauce. Continue to cook for an additional 15 minute, basting two more times with the sauce and turning each time. Baste sparingly so the sauce doesn’t drip into the fire and cause flare-ups. Heat additional sauce and pass with the chicken at the table.