Holiday Open House

Freedom From Want (Norman Rockwell) - Fredericksburg Farms

A Holiday Open House is an old fashioned way to entertain during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season and New Year’s Eve that’s easy on the host and hostess.  An open house is a casual approach to having people over during the holidays.  It is a fun, easy, and an informal way to celebrate the holidays with those friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers you will not actually be spending the big day with.  Also a great way to meet new neighbors.1

When you look at this famous Norman Rockwell "Freedom From Want" picture, think of all the great foods that went with that traditional meal. At Fredericksburg Farms, we want to help you create that atmosphere with your Open House menu. We have the products you need to help WOW your guests. 

Dips, Bread Dipping Mixes, SalsasCheeseballsJalapeno Jelly or Raspberry Peach Chipotle Glaze on Cream Cheese, Cocktail Smokies in BBQ Sauce, and Party Sandwiches using our German Mustards.

1 What's Cooking America