"Best of the Best" Recipe Contest

August Contest Winners

During August, we featured our Award-Winning Strawberry Preserves for our monthly recipe contest! 👏Put your hands together👏 for our sensational strawberry preserves recipe winners! 🍓


August 1st Place

1st Place - Colleen Teague

Our first place winner purchased their jar of preserves locally at Burg's Corner! Colleen's Strawberry Lemonade Poptarts are out of this world! 🌎 The crust is salty, buttery and flaky-- it pairs perfectly with the strawberry preserves as filling and the bright lemon glaze that adorns the tops. Mmmm...good!


Aug 2nd Place

2nd Place - Sandra Jacobson

Coming in 2nd is Sandra's Jamalatka! This savory treat uses the preserves in a unique way AND the flavor profile on point--the strawberry, potato and onion marry together in little spoonfuls that are lovingly fried until crispy and delicious.


Aug 3rd Place

3rd place - Alexandra Mantas

Alexandra's Strawberry Tiropita is coming in third with it's delicate sweet and savory combination. The cheese mixture with the strawberry preserves is a classic combination of flavors--wrapped in phyllo dough and baked, this delightfully crispy, crunchy and creamy treat is sure to please your tastebuds.


Aug Fan Fav

Fan Favorite- Lainie Parker

Our fan favorite winner is Lainie's Strawberry Surprise! These cupcakes are light and fluffy with a dollop of strawberry preserves added to the center. The cream cheese icing is elevated with even more strawberry preserves that add a soft, pink color to the icing--they are so pretty (and taste amazing)!


Thanks so much for entering our little recipe contest--We sure do love tasting all of your creations and appreciate you taking the time to use our products and enter! ❤️