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FRITO PIEFrito Pie is a Texas tradition. Heck, it’s a Texas institution! The Texas-based Frito-Lay Company makes the only authentic “Frito” and you’ve got to use the original little Fritos to make real Frito Pie. Kids love it and it’s a good hearty meal when the wind blows the cold air straight to the bones in the Hill Country winters.


Serves 6-8.

1 package Fredericksburg Farms Texas Trail Drive Chili Mix
1 package original Fritos
Shredded Colby Cheese
Chopped yellow onions


Prepare the Texas Trail Drive Chili Mix according to directions on the package, adding the beans and using only 1 pound of ground beef. 

Cover the bottoms of individual soup plates with Fritos. Spoon an ample portion of the chili over the Fritos, then scatter desired amount of shredded cheese over the chili and top with some of the chopped onion. Chow down. Thank God we’re in Texas!