Production Assistant

Job Description

  • Lift boxes and packages weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Work independently and in group settings and follow a list of daily assigned tasks
  • Be able to communicate clearly with Manufacturing Manager and Warehouse Manager and be able to ask questions when an assignment or task is not clear
  • Become familiar with procedures for using and setting up Kitchen and Candle Room equipment, Kettle, Dip hopper, Dip sealer, Inkjet imprinter, Conveyor, Label applicator, Wax pourer and Wax melter
  • Become familiar with procedures for making all food and candle products
  • Use a pallet jack to move pallets of product
  • Clean Kitchen and Candle Room when needed
  • Cross train and assist in Warehouse and any other areas as needed
  • Be able to stack products on a pallet
  • Be able to work in hot and cold environments
  • Be able to work with extremely strong fragrances and seasonings