Sales Assistant

Job Description

Perform routine sales functions including making sales calls to current customers and prospects, taking and processing in-coming orders, scheduling appointments for managers’ road trips, and assisting with sales promotions in and out of the office. This position is designed to either work as a support person for the sales associates or an apprenticeship to become a sales associate. 


  • Make telemarketing calls to customers and former customers on daily basis to create sales and build relationships.
  • Make telemarketing calls to prospects and leads for initial business.
  • Take incoming sales calls for wholesale orders primarily, serve as back-up for incoming retail orders, and then input those orders on computer.
  • Schedule appointments with prospects and customers for sales associates’ and managers’ road trips.
  • Serve as a back-up for any type of incoming calls when administrative employees are unable to answer the phone.
  • Become proficient at using “ACT” (customer database) as a daily tool with regular updating of information after every call and scheduling future contacts and actions.
  • Become proficient in entering orders on “MOM” (inventory control software) and provide customer service info to our customers.
  • Become proficient with the Fredericksburg Farms fundraiser program and help process orders at the completion of a fundraising campaign. Be able to personally take on the role as that organization’s rep and facilitate the set-up and processing of their fundraiser campaign from start to finish.
  • Periodically assist at sales events outside of the office, such as fundraising conventions, sales promotions, festivals, and in-store sampling.
  • Offer new marketing/sales ideas/procedures to management to help grow the business and allow this office to become more effective, efficient, and profitable.
  • Cross train in all other aspects of the company and be able to fill in as needed in the warehouse, kitchen, and manufacturing.
  • Deliveries to customers.
  • This position can lead into a Sales Associate