Texas Firepit BBQ Chicken

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BBQ ChickenFire up the grill to create a winner, winner chicken dinner! Combined with our South Texas Mesquite BBQ sauce and other spices, the Texas Firepit Bar-B-Q sauce hit the mark with this flame kissed treasure for your tastebuds. The skin was crispy & sticky and the chicken was juicy! 


Texas Firepit BBQ sauce
South Texas Mesquite BBQ sauce
Lemon Pepper
Garlic/Herb seasoning


Prep/cut chicken to desired size. Flatten to desired thickness with meat cleaver
Mix Texas Firepit/Mesquite sauce 50/50 (adjust for spiciness)
Lightly sprinkle lemon pepper/garlic-herb seasoning on chicken
Cook chicken both sides till white
Brush sauce on one side, cook few minutes
Turn and brush other side
Best when cooked on charcoal!

Additional Comments
Use leftover sauce for dipping!