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Second PlaceWinner of 2nd Place in the June 2022 Recipe Contest.


1 Rack of baby back pork Ribs
2 bay leaves
6 Black pepper corns
Fiesta Pork Rub seasoning
2-3 Liters Orange Fanta Soda
Orange Chipotle Grilling Glaze


Start by getting a container that lets your ribs lay flat. I use a ice chest. Cover your ribs with orange Fanta, 2 bay leaves and 6 black pepper corns and let sit for half a day. When you pull out your ribs pat dry with paper towel and there ready to grill .

Make sure to remove the membrane on the back of the ribs or ask the butcher to remove for you .

Set grill to 225 season ribs with the fiesta pork rub medium coverage grill bone side down for 3 hours .

Take ribs off pit and put a heavy coat of orange chipotle grilling glaze and season your meat again before you wrap in aluminum foil. Put the ribs back on the grill for 2 hours. Remove ribs unwrap and add more grilling glaze. Recover and let rest for 1 hour. Ribs are ready to enjoy!