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2020 has been the year of “no”: no sports, no parties, no hugs, no traveling, no toilet paper…

How about saying yes to an innovative fundraising initiative with a boatload of features and none of the distractions that come with other programs?

  • Yes to high quality Texas-made American products
  • Yes to easy web sales
  • Yes to our regular retail prices
  • Yes to having us handle all the money and shipping
  • Yes to a check in the mail every month you earn at least $50
  • Yes to monthly specials and initiatives
  • Yes to a recognized brand found in Buc-ees and Central Market
  • Yes to a diverse product portfolio including candles, bath & body products, and gourmet food- even car fresheners and hand sanitizer

So what are you missing out on?

  • No imported, mass-produced, cheap plastic junk
  • No runathons that fly in the face of social distancing
  • No big kickoff events that take up a whole school day
  • No marked-up prices
  • No high-pressure sales tactics
  • No distractions from education
  • No frozen or refrigerated logistical nightmares
  • No direct contact for sales or product distribution
  • No door to door sales

Fredericksburg Farms Fundraising will be as easy as getting your teachers, kids, parents, family, and friends to click on a link.  This link will redirect your fundraising customers to our online store. Once they’re in our store, they shop our extensive catalog of merchandise at regular retail prices. When they check out, the website will give your school credit for the sale- 5% of their total order normally, but 10% during the month of August as our special start-out initiative!

It couldn’t be easier: Send out the e-mail and social media post provided by Fredericksburg Farms Fundraising once a month, get paid.  We ship the orders directly from our warehouse to your customers without you having to touch a thing except the check that comes in the mail once a month.

We’re not sure what the “new normal” will mean for traditional fundraisers, so instead of waiting around to find out we decided to design a new fundraiser that avoids the logistic and health concerns of the old models. You can keep any fundraisers that still work for you – our program is 100% online, easy to keep running with little maintenance leaving your time free to organize car washes, bake sales, or any other hands-on projects.  Please fill out the form below to get started today! (Give it a second to load...)