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Not the smell I was expecting

It’s a cute idea but I didn’t like my sunflower scent it kind of reminds me of an older ladies perfume. I also didn’t see the prop 65 warning

Linda D

This is my favorite Freshie scent every time I buy one. I would love to know what the oils/fragrances used are so I can try to duplicate the smell in my oil diffuser in my house. Could you share?

Taylar Massey
This smell

This smell is absolutely amazing. I went to a buccees for the first time last year being 26 🤣 I came across yalls sunflower freshie and I've never smelt anything even close to this. It lasted a whole month in my car. Every time my husband goes to work I make him stop there just to buy me one. I wish I could find this exact scent but in a perfume. I've tried every one I could find. Could you share your secret maybe it could be transfered to a carrier oil. The smell is to die for and want to wear it ❤️❤️ Sunflowers are my favorite

My favorite scent

This has to be my favorite scent from fbg farms! It reminds me of the Sunflowers perfume that we all wore back in middle school! Keeps my truck smelling soooo good! I came across it at a little smokehouse in schulenburg and ended up buying the freshie and the wax melts. So glad I did, and I will def be buying more! =)

Smells amazing

I bought one of these at buc-ee’s in Alabama. This freshie smells amazing and is so cute. The scent has lasted for 2 weeks so far, and still smells like it did when I bought it.