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Sweet Pea Candle (16 oz.)

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Our Sweet Pea Candle is a 16-ounce tribute to the cherished memories of blooming sweet pea vines gracefully adorning Grandma's porch trellis. This soft pink candle encapsulates the delicate and sweet floral essence, effortlessly whisking you away to those idyllic summer days spent on the porch. All that's missing is the gentle sway of a swing!

All of our soy-blend candles are available in a 9-ounce, American-made glass jar.  To preserve the life of the fragrance, we use tight-fitting glass lids. Our candles have a cotton braided zinc core wick; also, they are highly scented with a premium fragrance to be long-lasting.  Love the fragrance?  You will find most of your favorite fragrances in a 16-ounce American-made glass jar as well.  Our candles have an average burn time of 40-55 hours for the small size and 75-100 hours for the large size.

Safely Burning a Candle

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