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old time cultivator in a garden

Cultivating…we have talked about making New Year’s resolutions, starting flowers and veggies from seeds, and planting gardens in the last few months. If you have done those things like we have here at Fredericksburg Farms, you are now looking at cultivating those life changes you made in your resolutions, and watering and weeding your recently planted gardens. My grandmother (Mamaw) had a little hand pushed plow/cultivator that she faithfully ran up and down the rows of her garden to get rid of weeds and to keep the soil from getting hard packed in the Texas panhandle sun. I look at the garden rows in our garden here and I am in need of that cultivator this week. I also think we often can use cultivation in our lives as well, to water and encourage healthy good habits, and to weed out those other habits that cause harm to ourselves and others. Happy cultivating!

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