Fredericksburg Farms

Smile at someone each day. Studies have shown that your blood pressure reading can go down if you are smiling. Just like other animals, humans look at one another’s facial expressions to determine how to react in differing situations. These days, when we are largely communicating through text, email, and online social media, we can’t see the face of the person to whom we are speaking, and we can’t tell the tone of their voice. Are they joking, angry, anxious, or deliriously happy? At Fredericksburg Farms most folks here can communicate face to face in person throughout the day. And we, as owners, try to walk around and pop in to tell all of our hardworking team members that we appreciate each one of them and their contributions to the success of the entire company. Try it! Get up and go smile at someone and let them know they matter. It will lift your spirits as well as theirs.

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