Hog Wild Pork Rub - Fredericksburg Farms
Hog Wild Pork Rub - Fredericksburg Farms
Fredericksburg Farms

Hog Wild Pork Rub

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Pork has been a favorite meat in the German community since the original group of settlers came to Fredericksburg with John O. Meusebach in 1846. The settlers prepared pork in a variety of ways including sausage, pork steaks and Jaegerschnitzel, a sort of “chicken-fried pork steak’ with cheese and mushroom sauce.

Fredericksburg Farms Hog Wild Pork Rub combines a variety of spices with garlic, chili pepper and lemon peel to let you recreate the recipes of the original settlers or create your own new classics.
Size: 1 oz (28g)

Ingredients: Chili Powder [chili pepper, spices, salt, garlic*, silicon dioxide (anti-caking
agent), and ethoxyquin (anti-oxidant)], Salt, Spices, Garlic*, Lemon Peel*, Organic Rice Hulls, and Soybean Oil (processing aid). *Dehydrated
Allergens: None; Soybean oil is highly refined and is not considered an allergen.
The item(s) above are packaged in a facility where milk, soy, eggs, wheat, and tree nuts may be present.


  • Poppy's Sticky Ribs
  • Directions: Combine the desired amount of Hog Wild Pork Rub with just enough vegetable oil or olive oil to make a nice paste. Rub on those big, thick pork chops, pork roasts, or pork tenderloin, then refrigerate for an hour to let the zesty flavors of the rub permeate the meat. Cook as desired.

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