"Best of the Best" Recipe Contest Winners

May Contest Winners

During the month of May, we launched our first-ever “Best of the Best'' recipe contest featuring our Jalapeacheño Jelly & Glaze. We received some seriously mouthwatering recipes and creations that we were all too happy to test out!

Fan Favorite

Our first-ever fan favorite award from our Best of the Best Recipe Contest, featuring Jalapeacheño Jelly and Glaze! The winning recipe and proud owner of a $100 Fredericksburg Farms gift certificate is Lainie with a Jalapeacheño Stuffed Pork Loin. Congratulations!


Honorable Mention

Our Honorable Mention Category and winner of a $25 gift certificate…Leigh’s recipe (invented from scratch!) for a Decadent Macadamia Nut Cake! This gluten-free vegan cheesecake & pound cake fusion showcases the Jalapeacheno Jelly & Glaze as a scrumptious topping…mmmm! Congratulations and thanks so much for entering!!


May Recipe Contest Third Place

Next, we have our 3rd place winner and recipient of a $50 gift certificate…Ada’s Bang Bang Shrimp! These fried shrimp are topped with a sauce that incorporates our Jalapeacheño Jelly & Glaze! Sweet, spicy, and light–the perfect summer meal! Thank you for sharing your culinary magic with us!


2nd place

Not to be outdone, Penny and Tom, our 2nd place winners (and recipients of a $100 gift card) bamboozled our taste buds with their delectable Jalapeacheño Egg Rolls! Ours didn’t turn out quite as pretty as their submission photo, so we used theirs–but, WOW–they were out of this world! Pork and peach created a perfect match with this dish, and we were not disappointed! Crunchy, savory, and leaves you wanting more…you know this recipe is going on your to-do list! Congratulations!!


Grand Prize winners

Last, but definitely not least…our first-ever 1st place winner and recipient of a $200 Fredericksburg Farms gift certificate… JeriLynne’s Pork Meatballs with Jalapeacheño Glaze! This recipe features not only some seriously delicious meatballs, but a glaze that is finger-licking good! Really, you better wash your hands because you’re licking those fingers! There was nothing left in the pan after we devoured the goodness of JeriLynne’s creation. All of the flavors complement one another without any one single ingredient grandstanding the meal. Do yourself a favor and make this happen for one of your next meals–and then invite us over to share! Thanks for shopping locally at Joanna’s Market and tantalizing our taste buds, JeriLynne!