Texas Firecrackers (Jalapeno Poppers)

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Texas FirecrackersA truly unique take on jalapeno poppers…combining brisket with the cream cheese used to stuff the peppers and then stuffing the peppers into manicotti shells before wrapping them in bacon was something we’d never tried before! Glazed with the Texas Firepit Bar-B-Q Sauce, these were devoured rapidly!  Such an easy way to upgrade a classic!


6-Manicotti shells
6-fresh jalapenos
3/4 cup cooked chopped brisket
8oz cream cheese
12-slices raw bacon
1- 14oz bottle Fredericksburg Farms Firepit Bar-B-Q sauce


*Cook manicotti shells, set aside to cool
*Core and deseed jalapenos
*Mix cream cheese & brisket together
*Fill jalapenos with cream cheese and brisket mix
*Stuff jalapenos inside manicotti shells
*Wrap shells with bacon(secure w/toothpick)
*Grill at 250 until bacon is desired crispness
*Baste heavily w/Fredericksburg Farms Firepit BBQ sauce

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