Flapping in the Texas Breeze

Fredericksburg Farms

March is WINDY this year and it reminds me of the incessant wind that I grew up with in the Texas Panhandle. Living up in that part of Texas, the wind blew year-round and often picked up a healthy portion of dirt and sand to blow into your face and irritate your eyes. Here, where we are, the wind comes and goes with different seasons…our grandkids are waiting for “kite-flying” weather; windy enough to loft your kite into the air to float gently back and forth above you, and not so windy it ends up in the next county.

March makes me think about spring cleaning and I wonder if spring cleaning is still a thing? For me, it means opening windows on nice days to air out the house and maybe to wash some blankets and hang them out to dry in the fresh air. They smell so much nicer than things from the dryer. To capture that feeling and fresh smell you might try some of our Fredericksburg Farms products with the scent, “Flapping in the Texas Breeze,” and just for kicks, open a window.

Flapping in the Texas Breeze

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