Summer Plans

Fredericksburg Farms

School is out…summer plans are being made, and what seems like an endless stretch of vacation is on the horizon. That is, from a kid’s perspective, a source of optimistic plans of how to fill those days. Parents, on the other hand may be thinking otherwise. Thoughts of how to keep children entertained, productive, and safe as the lazy days of summer loom ahead occupy thoughts daily. Children today have lots of programmed activities that fill their summer hours. They may do any number of sports camps, art camps, church camps, and music camps that will fill their days while parents work without worrying about kids running around unsupervised. Running around unsupervised is exactly what we did as kids in the 50’s and 60’s. Outside all day, riding bikes, building forts and tearing them down, playing in the sprinkler, and just laying in the grass under a tree watching clouds build for an afternoon storm. Freedom to be kids and figure out who we were. Some of my best memories and the best times. Thanks Mom and Dad for the time you gave us to just be kids!

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