Valentine's Day Reflections

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Valentine's Day Box

Valentine’s Day has passed and now it’s time for Mardi Gras! Wow, is this year flying by or what? Around here we spread a bit of Valentine cheer to all of our Fredericksburg Farms staff with chocolates, cute little goodie bags, and funny valentine cards. Our oldest granddaughter was working hard on her valentine cards Monday, which was a school holiday here. She asked what we did when we were in school to celebrate Valentine’s Day. My husband and I  both remembered class parties and the card exchange…kids went around the room placing valentine cards into homemade, decorated boxes brought by each classmate. There were always those really cool boxes made my someone’s engineer dad or mom that had moving parts bradded together, the cute “mailbox designs, “and those boxes actually made by kids themselves with smeared writing and glue. One year my mom made one for me with red and white striped paper covering the box, then she added the horrors…a white lace scarf wrapped around the box and pinned with a big old rhinestone brooch. She was so proud and I was absolutely mortified, but never told her that I put it in my locker and told the teacher I had dropped my box in the snow. I used a brown grocery sack that the teacher gave me and I glued hearts on it. Sorry, Mom! It is funny what one remembers…hope your Valentine’s Day was full of love!

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