Celebrate Texas!

Fredericksburg Farms

Fall of Alamo paintingValentine’s Day and Mardi Gras have come, have been celebrated, and are done. Now, in the state of Texas, we will be celebrating Texas independence commemorating the Texans’ victory over Mexico in 1836. On March 2, 1836, Texas formally declared its independence from a corrupt Mexican dictatorship as a battle was ongoing in San Antonio. There, 189 brave souls, Anglos and Tejanos, were standing against the Mexican army under General Santa Anna at the siege of the Alamo. For 13 days the Texans held firm until the morning of March 6, when the Mexican army charged and overwhelmed the defenders. No quarter was given and all Texans were killed. Shortly after, more Texans under Col. Fannin were captured and killed after they surrendered at Goliad. Meanwhile, General Sam Houston was retreating east across Texas gathering recruits and training his Texan army along the way. A little over 6 weeks after the fall of the Alamo, Houston stopped at San Jacinto and made a surprise attack on Santa Anna’s forces. Here, in a battle lasting mere minutes, he gained a victory that created a new country, the Republic of Texas! For the next 13 days we will be flying the “Alamo” flag here at Fredericksburg Farms, to honor all of the gallant defenders that paved the way for Texas, the sovereign country, and Texas, the Lone Star State. Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! And…God Bless Texas!

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