Baking Adventures with Grandye and Amelia

Fredericksburg Farms


The temperature has been below 100 degrees for an entire week and the Texas Hill Country even received some rain in the last 5 days. Our granddaughter has asked me to buy pumpkins and to “cook something good”, so maybe it is actually time to start fall holiday decorating and to start to bake things for the freezer. It seems like the year just races from September 1 until Christmas. I have been freezing “too ripe” bananas all summer as well as grated zucchini, so I will start with that. Banana nut bread, zucchini bread and pumpkin cranberry bread will be on the Grandye/Amelia cooking plan. I look forward to spilled flour, getting stray eggshells out of the batter and some expert spoon licking in the next weeks as a next generation cook learns her way around the kitchen.

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