Making Soap Bars

Fredericksburg Farms

Making Soap

Have you ever wondered how we make bar soaps? It involves following a recipe just like in cooking a favorite dinner. Our bar soaps are made following a hot-cold process. Some of the ingredients we combine are goat milk, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, water, olive oil, shea butter, clay, avocado oil, fragrance oils and color. Then the magic begins as the warmed oils are carefully mixed with the other ingredients in a specific order. The soap batch is poured into lined molds and the color is artistically swirled into the molds of scented soap creating a work of art. The large molds of soap are allowed to cool before they are cut into bars and placed on drying shelves in a temperature-controlled room to cure. Once fully cured, the bars are packaged and boxed and sent to our warehouse where the next step is finding their way into an order that is packed and shipped to be delivered to you. And now you know!

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