Weathering the Storm

Fredericksburg Farms

Old House in Snow

Well, that was something!  It seems pretty crazy that just a week ago our little piece of Texas was covered in snow and ice and this week we experienced the first little hints of Spring.  Our farm is located in a rural part of the county so we knew there was a possibility of losing power.  That meant we had to band together as a team to run portable generators and extension cords all over the property to try and limit the losses of crops in the greenhouses, freshly poured candles, and other things we were working on.  Although the power was out for most of last week we came out of the storm fairly unscathed.  So many fellow Texans had to endure much worse conditions than ours so we count ourselves very lucky.

Cows in Snow

Regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way, the show must go on around here.  Thanks to our hardworking utility crews, power was restored on Monday and we’re back to operating at 100% capacity!  We’ve reached out to customers all across the state this week and the resiliency of small business owners has really kept us motivated.  As far as we can tell, most places are back up and running so go out there and support your local stores that carry Fredericksburg Farms products. 

Visit our Store Locator page to see how you can get your hands-on winter essentials like our Texas Trail Drive Chili Mix.

Frozen Lake Sunset

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